Joining Civil Air Patrol

Joining Civil Air Patrol is easy and rewarding. Of course, you may visit the National Website for more information about how to join at, but you may also visit the Effingham Cadet Squadron on a regularly scheduled meeting, typically on Monday nights at 1830 (6:30pm). We meet most Mondays (except when local schools observe a holiday). To see the meeting schedule, visit the homepage ( and examine the calendar.

We encourage potential members (both senior members and cadets) to visit by attending several meetings to determine if they enjoy participating in the various activities and training provided through the Civil Air Patrol Program.

After visiting and determining that Civil Air Patrol is an organization they would like to be part of, potential members may obtain an application for membership from 1st Lt Guetterman, the Unit Commander. After completing the application, Lt Guetterman will approve and send to National Headquarters (NHQ) for processing. Senior members will have to undergo a background check as they will be working with youth.