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Open House - Effingham County Middle and High Schools

posted Jul 28, 2012, 6:03 AM by Jeff Lariscy
Operation Open House is a go. Principals at all three middle schools and both high schools have agreed that cadets can attend Open House in BDUs and can assist as needed.
Please prepare your BDUs Sunday so they will be prepared for Monday. We ask that you arrive at Open House as early as possible after 4pm, report in with the school principal and offer any assistance you can in making Open House run smoothly (that is to say, the principal will be your commanding officer for Open House). You may request permission to visit your teachers after checking in with the principal.
Please remain sharp (no slouching or horseplay) during the entire time you are "on duty". This is our opportunity to show everyone what being a cadet is all about: integrity, volunteer service, excellence, and respect.
We need a cadet from ECHS to support ECMS if possible. There are no cadets in the squadron at this time that attend ECMS. If you would be willing to do this (after meeting your own teachers at ECHS), please indicate in your reply.
Please reply to the e-mail you received to indicate whether you will be participating and at what time you plan to arrive at your school.
Also, remember that cadets and family members will be gathering at the Dairy Queen in Rincon at 1930 (7:30pm) for all those that can make it.
I look forward to your replies.
Thank you,

Jeff Lariscy, 2d Lt
Civil Air Patrol
Effingham Cadet Squadron